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Direct duties

Whether you’re a security guard working in a large corporation or a security officer assisting in a private event, you’re likely to be dealing with people on a daily basis. You will need to be able to handle these situations effectively. You may have to detain people who are trespassing, or you may be called to report suspicious activity. You will need to be skilled at communicating with individuals to deescalate an incident.

As a security guard, you will be protecting the property of others and maintaining the safety of people visiting the site. This could involve patrolling a construction site or checking into a gallery. You will also be enforcing rules for access and controlling the movement of people and vehicles. You will be expected to use surveillance cameras and other systems to monitor the area. You will be required to maintain a good working relationship with other staff members, law enforcement, and emergency responders. You will need to know the best ways to navigate in a crisis, as well as the locations of emergency equipment.

When you work in a retail store, you may have to deal with customers who are concerned that their merchandise is being stolen. You will need to protect your merchandise and notify the police when you see it being used in an inappropriate manner. You’ll also need to make sure that you provide employees with proper identification and that they follow the company’s policies. You may be asked to check for weapons and to keep records of all the people who visit the store.

In addition to protecting property and protecting the people who visit, security guards can provide customer service. They can help people get out of a building or assist in evacuations. They can also be helpful in keeping information secure in buildings and factories. They may be able to prevent theft by actively looking for suspicious behavior. They can detain criminals and give people directions to safety.

Some of the duties of a security guard include observing and reporting suspicious activities, coordinating with emergency responders, responding to minor injuries, and summoning emergency responders to a location. These duties will depend on the security officer’s contract and the type of institution or facility. The security officer may be armed, depending on the contract. They will need to be knowledgeable about the laws of the land and the regulations in their community.

A security officer will be the first person to know about a security crisis. In addition to being able to call for emergency responders, they will need to be able to write reports about the occurrences of their shift.

You may also be required to respond to emergency calls in a fire or other situation. You may need to shut down a street, control the traffic in a parking lot, or direct people to safe areas. You may be assigned to monitor a specific area or the entire premises. You will need to be physically fit and have good communication skills.


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