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BB’s Stage Door Canteen brings back the songs, style, and stars of a bygone era. Enjoy evening and matinee performances featuring headliner acts, big bands, dancing, and the Victory Belles vocal trio.

At spaces like Nowadays, Elsewhere and BASEMENT, a healthy door policy is built around a constellation of factors: a team that’s trained in de-escalation and sensitivity; an underlying ethos of club culture; and clear guidelines communicated prior to entry.

Online Store

DOORS provides a platform for sellers to offer their fashion items for sale online. DOORS also facilitates the delivery of purchased goods to buyers and sellers via its e-commerce platform. In addition, DOORS provides a variety of other services to its users including hosting events such as PR Showrooms, Bloggers Breakfasts and Stylist Panels in New York City, and providing influencer outreach and marketing support.

DOORs primarily collects sales tax on marketplace sales for sellers who sell tangible personal property in states where DOORS is registered to collect such taxes. DOORS reserves the right to modify its sales tax collection policies in its sole discretion at any time without notice. DOORS may collect other applicable taxes, including, but not limited to, value-added tax (VAT), and other state and local taxes as deemed necessary by DOORS in its sole discretion.

You understand that DOORS does not control the User Submissions posted by others on the Website and Services and that there are risks associated with dealing with people who act under false pretense, identity theft, fraud, scams, harassment, and/or other inappropriate activities. You agree to accept these risks and release DOORS, its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees from any and all claims arising from such interactions.

If you are the owner of intellectual property rights in any material on the Website and Services or have a complaint about the use of such materials, please contact DOORS’s Copyright Agent with your notification. DOORS will investigate your claim and respond promptly.

In the event DOORS determines that you violated the Agreement or intellectual property rights of another, DOORS reserves the right to disable your account and remove all listings and sales transaction data from the Website and Service.

You may not offer to buy or sell any item outside of the DOORS Website and Services. This is unfair to other DOORS users and violates the Agreement, and it may result in your account being terminated. You may not manipulate the price of any items for the purpose of avoiding DOORS transaction fees or the DOORS checkout process, and you must provide accurate information when creating your DOORS account and using the Services.

PR Showroom

If you are looking for the latest in independent fashion, look no further than DOORS NYC. The luxury fashion showroom and PR firm is the go-to source for stylists, editors, VIPs and influencers seeking the most innovative collections. From high-profile designers like Maiyet and Thakoon to cult niche brands such as Alice Roi, Visvim and Chimala, DOORS NYC represents some of the most cutting-edge apparel and accessories available in the world.

The showroom is the brainchild of Kelly Cutrone, a New York-based entrepreneur who has a lengthy list of credits as an actress and TV personality (The Hills, The City, Kell on Earth). Her extensive experience and cosmopolitan approach to style make her the perfect person to curate a selection of designers that appeal to contemporary trendsetters and stylists. Among her clients, you will find Costello Tagliapietra, Nicholas K, Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan, Skingraft and Noon by Noor, to name just a few.

Aside from a wide variety of RTW and jewelry, DOORS NYC also offers a range of leather goods from Alon Livne and Issa London and cool accessories from Rachel Zoe and Erickson Beamon. The collection is constantly evolving as the firm continues to seek out the next big thing in fashion.

DOORS NYC recently opened its monthlong experiential pop-up on Greene Street in SoHo called Other Worlds to showcase its edgy and innovative brand selection. The space is designed to be a virtual and physical “open door” for emerging fashion designers, cult brands and artists. The showroom’s event calendar includes opportunities to meet the designers, collection presentations and panel discussions with social media influencers in a monthly online forum, the doors. academy.

Immersive Pop-Up

DOORS NYC is a new fashion and art pop-up that elevates the retail experience into a shoppable exhibition. The immersive space at 76 Wooster Street in SoHo features collections from independent designers including Juun.J, GCDS, and Zilver as well as 20 artists. The space also hosts events like collection presentations and panel discussions with the monthly Doors. academy series and beauty brand and styling events with social media influencers. The immersive experience is designed by Superpool, an architecture firm that has worked on projects with the Guggenheim Museum and Danish Architecture Center.

The interactive gallery features an immersive environment that showcases a number of different art installations and sculptures. The exhibits are centered around themes of rebirth, nature, and healing. The immersive experience is meant to allow visitors to disconnect from their digital devices and reconnect with themselves, their bodies, and the natural world.

Euphoria is a vibrant pop-up that allows guests to self-reflect and further understand themselves along with their connection to nature. The experience will be a place of rebirth and growth, and it will leave visitors with a revitalized outlook for the future. The installation will be held from Sept. 7 to Oct. 3.

If you’re in the mood for an immersive experience that is both a hands-on art exhibit and a fun museum, New York City is the perfect spot to visit. From colorful rainbows and slime sensationallists to a Friends-themed pop-up, there’s something for everyone in this list of the best immersive experiences in NYC.

Louis Vuitton’s latest collaboration with Yayoi Kusama is an immersive pop-up that features her famous polka dots and trippy visuals. The experience takes over two spaces in New York City, and is designed to immerse visitors into the artist’s surreal universe. Guests can snap photos, shop the polka dot-clad ready-to-wear pieces, and even interact with a giant ball pit.


Membership is the best way to support DOORS and get access to exclusive Museum experiences. Members receive free tickets to Invisible Worlds, our unique immersive experience in a 360-degree venue, and the Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium (open year-round). Plus, Members enjoy discounted admission for their friends and family. Learn more about membership levels and benefits here.

You agree to use the Website and Services only in accordance with this Agreement, and you acknowledge that DOORS does not control User Submissions or any other content on the Website or Services. DOORS reserves the right, without notice and in its sole discretion, to remove any content from the Website or Services that DOORS believes may be in violation of this Agreement, and to terminate your account if you have violated this Agreement. In addition, DOORS may take technical or legal steps to keep you off the Website and away from DOORS’s Services, including warning users, suspending or terminating account privileges, and taking other actions that DOORS deems appropriate.

In the event that DOORS determines that a claim is covered by this arbitration clause, you waive your right to pursue such claim in court or have a jury decide it and instead submit to binding arbitration as described above. You also waive your right to any form of class action.

Your account information, including your email address and password, authenticates your identity as a DOORS member and is protected by the terms of this Agreement. You will not share this information with anyone, and you will notify DOORS immediately if you think your account has been accessed by an unauthorized person. You are responsible for any transactions and payments incurred using your account. DOORS is not liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to protect your account information.

You may not make offers to buy or sell items outside of DOORS’s checkout process. This is unfair to other sellers and a violation of this Agreement, and it will result in your account being terminated. You may not use the DOORS checkout process to avoid transaction fees, and you may not use any other means of manipulation or fraud to circumvent DOORS’s fees and protection programs.


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