Tuesday, April 23, 2024

If you are planning on purchasing an acrylic stand for your pins, you have come to the right place. Buying an acrylic stand from a quality manufacturer will not only help protect your pins, it will also add to the aesthetic appeal of your pin collection.

Tag Up’s Custom Acrylic Plaques

Using sublimation to create a custom acrylic pinshas been shown to produce a higher quality finished product than traditional techniques. The process involves using a high quality eps or jpg file to create the image which is then infused into the acrylic. This resulting plaque is both functional and fun.

Whether you’re looking to create a personalized gift or you’re hosting a corporate awards ceremony, you can’t go wrong with this unique and eye-catching option. Tag Up has a variety of sizes and styles to choose from to suit your needs. With stainless steel pegs for mounting, you’re sure to find the perfect plaque for your needs.

Simba’s Custom Shaped Acrylic Lapel Pins

If you are looking for a high quality, custom shaped acrylic lapel pin, Simba’s is the answer. Our process is called Texture ToneTM, and it brings your logo to life. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles, and have unlimited combinations. Using our state-of-the-art printers, you can create your unique design on the front or back of an acrylic pin. The acrylic lapel pins are made in the USA with 1/16″ thick black acrylic, a brass clutch pin, and a full digital print. It’s a great option for organizations and businesses that need to advertise their brand and draw more attention to their logos.

Whether you’re looking for a funny phrase, a logo, or a food-inspired design, you can easily get your custom shaped acrylic stand created. We will work with you to ensure you have a high-quality product that meets your needs and budget. All of our custom orders ship via standard UPS ground shipping, but expedited shipping is available for an additional charge.

With a wide selection of colors, styles, and materials to choose from, you’re sure to find something to match your personal style and business needs. From soft enamel to hard enamel to die-struck, offset printed, and photo-etched, there’s a lapel pin style for every taste.

AQUATICS’s Gentle Giant From Almost Real Volume 3: AQUATICS

The Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine series brings together twelve full color entries to inspire scientific inquiry. This annual publication features mind-blowing creatures, ranging from tiny to titanic. This collection features artwork by talented artists. It is inspired by colorful informational books and interactive encyclopedia illustrations.

Almost Real: A Speculative Biological Zine is a collaboration of fourteen different creators. Each entry in the volume is beautifully illustrated and features a plausible anatomy. It is styled like National Geographic and features intriguing subjects spanning from a tiny to a colossal creature. As an ongoing project, Almost Real will continue to explore the depths, bringing readers amazing new wonders. All five volumes will be available to the public in print or digital formats.

You can also pick up the Volume 5 Bundle, which includes the original watercolor painting by Mar Spragge and a poster insert by Puzzled Jay Productions. This bundle also ships straight from the artists. In addition, you’ll receive the Gentle Giant pin from the cover of Almost Real Volume 3: AQUATICS. It measures approximately two inches at the highest point and features orange highlights on her nose and eyes.

The Almost Real: A Speculative biology Zine series has been published since 2018. Each issue will feature a new theme and feature a new group of amazing creators. They have already published Volume 1: Almost Real, Volume 2: Flight, Volume 3: Aquatics, and Volume 4: Biotechnology. The first four issues are in print and the fifth is currently being funded via a Kickstarter campaign. If you’re interested in ordering a copy, you can find more information at Almost Real’s website. These projects are administered by Fortuna Media. During the campaign, you can check out videos from the creators of Almost Real, read about the project, and even purchase Stretch Goal add-ons for your copy. There’s also a campaign tier for all five published volumes. Become an Almost Real fan today. Visit their website to learn more, and follow them on Twitter for updates. You’ll get an appetizer to eat in anticipation of future installations.


So, Acrylic pins are an affordable, lightweight alternative to enamel pins. They’re ideal for boosting brand recognition. Not only are they available in a variety of shapes, they also come with a durable rubber clutch, allowing you to fasten them to your clothing and accessories. You can also choose from a variety of holographic effects to add a bit of sparkle.


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